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Where should you aim your vision?

  • Learn about the different focal points for your vision after surgery

  • Distance, Intermediate, Near

  • What about MONOVISION?

Distance Focused

  • Distance vision means far objects are clear

  • This picture shows the TV being clear as a far object

  • Intermediate vision is blurry as seen with the hazy computer screen

  • Reading vision is blurry as seen with the hazy book

  • This is a great option for many people who like to drive and watch TV without glasses

Intermediate Focused

  • Intermediate vision means objects around your arms length are clear

  • This includes your computer, which is seen clearly in the photo

  • It also includes activities like cooking and seeing large items at the store

  • Vision focused exclusively at the intermediate distance leaves the distance and near vision blurry as seen in the photo

Near Focused

  • Near focused vision is also known as reading vision

  • People with near focused vision can see small print and perform tasks like threading a needle

  • They can expect computer or intermediate vision to be blurry

  • Glasses will be necessary for distance activities like watching TV and driving

  • The photo shows clear reading vision, but blurry computer and TV vision


  • Monovision means one eye is distance focused and one eye is intermediate or near focused

  • This is great because it gives more range of vision

  • Many people love monovision and do not notice the difference in focus

  • Some people have a hard time getting used to monovision

  • Monovision is not perfect and some people may need glasses for best distance vision or small print

  • It can be trialed with contact lenses before surgery

  • The photo seen here shows more range of vision with clear distance and intermediate. The near vision is not super sharp and glasses may be needed.

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