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LASER vs Traditional Cataract Surgery

Cataract technology

What is LASER Cataract Surgery?

  • It is best described as LASER-Assisted Cataract Surgery

  • The laser pre-treats the eye before the cataract surgery begins

  • The doctor still has to use the traditional phacoemulsification probe to remove the cataract via ultrasound energy

  • Lasers can create incisions to enter the eye, relaxing incisions to treat astigmatism, and can soften the cataract for easier removal

Cataract Laser

What should you expect with the LASER?

  • You will be taken to the laser room and positioned comfortably on a bed

  • The laser applicator is slowly lowered and a suction is applied

  • You will feel a pressure sensation and the vision dims

  • The surgeon then measures the eye for all incisions and treatments

  • Once confirmed, the laser is applied

  • The whole procedure usually takes about 1-2 minutes

Laser Cataract Procedure

Is LASER Cataract Surgery different than traditional?

  • LASER IS different than traditional cataract surgery

  • All of the incisions and openings are created in a way that is more accurate and precise than can be done manually

  • One of the most important parts of the surgery is creating a circular and appropriately sized capsular opening

  • This allows the intraocular lens to sit in the right spot

  • The PHOTO shows the capsular opening as the pink circle, the cataract softening as the yellow cross and circle, and the corneal incisions as the two white lines

Laser Cataract Surgery

Is LASER Cataract Surgery Safer?

  • Safety is of the utmost importance in eye surgery

  • LASER may be safer in certain situations such as patients who have very large cataracts or patients with Fuchs Dystrophy

  • For most patients, the safety is the same for LASER and traditional

  • Recovery Time is about the same as well

Laser Cataract Surgery

Who qualifies for LASER Cataract Surgery?

  • Patients with Astigmatism qualify for laser cataract surgery

  • Astigmatism can be corrected using laser relaxing incisions

  • Patients can also qualify for laser cataract surgery if they are receiving a premium lens such as a Toric or Multifocal lens

Toric intraocular lens

How much does LASER Cost?

  • LASER Cataract Surgery is NOT covered by insurance

  • Adding LASER to your cataract surgery can often cost $800-1200 per eye

  • This cost is usually bundled into your cataract surgery package

  • Prices for LASER plus Toric and Multifocal lenses are usually very clear

Multifocal intraocular lens

Are there different LASER Brands?

  • YES! There are.

  • Brands of LASER include:

    • LensX (by Alcon)

    • Catalys (by Johson and Johnson)

    • Ally (by Lensar)

    • Victus (by Bausch and Lomb)

  • All get the job done well

Cataract Laser

Is LASER Cataract Surgery Worth It?

  • There is some debate as to whether LASER cataract surgery is better

  • Some surgeons prefer it for the accuracy, especially with advanced lenses such as toric and multifocal lenses

  • Others feel that it is unnecessary and an extra expense

  • Talk with your doctor about the pros and cons

  • They will likely give your their recommendation for what they feel is best

Eye Technology

Finally, what does it look like?

  • This video shows the laser procedure

  • First, the circular capsulorrhexis is performed

  • Then, the lens treatment is performed in a cross pattern

  • Lastly, the corneal incisions are made

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