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Vivity Lens

The Vivity Lens Can Correct Your Astigmatism

What Separates the Vivity Lens from Other Lenses?

Goal: The Vivity lens provides extended vision using a non-diffractive technology called X-Wave™. This lens does not split light into separate focal points. It provides distance and intermediate vision.


  • Distance: Reading road signs, playing sports like golf (4 meters)

  • Intermediate: Using the computer and cooking (66 cm)

  • Near: Reading glasses will likely be needed for things like reading a book and visualizing small print on a smart phone


  • As with any lens, the vision may take time to come into focus

  • Clear vision at distance and intermediate distances should occur within a few weeks

  • Visual disturbances like glare and halo are less common compared to other multifocal lenses

  • Glasses will be needed for reading books or small print on a smart phone

  • More light may be needed at night or in low light conditions for the best vision

  • Vivity may be safer than other multifocal lenses for patients who have preexisting eye problems like glaucoma or macular disease

Results: Most patients who choose this lens are satisfied with the outcome as long as they are prepared to use reading glasses for small print.


  • 30% of patients could read without glasses after surgery

  • The glare and halo effects were mild and similar to that of a monofocal lens

Cummings, A.B., Savini, G., Carones, F. et al. The Vivity IOL: the European Experience. Curr Ophthalmol Rep 10, 11–18 (2022).

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