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Synergy Lens

The Synergy IOL is for Patients with Presbyopia and Cataracts

What Is A Synergy IOL?

Goal: The Synergy lens is the newest FDA-approved premium lens. It aims to provide a continuous range of vision to reduce or eliminate the need for glasses. It provides distance, intermediate, and near vision.


  • Distance: Reading road signs, playing sports like golf (4 meters)

  • Intermediate: Using the computer and cooking (66 cm)

  • Near: Reading a book or your phone (33 cm ***) 


  • As with any lens, the vision may take time to come into focus

  • Clear vision at all 3 distances should occur within a few weeks

  • May give better near vision than other multifocals

  • Patients may have visual symptoms such as glare or rings around lights

  • Most patients tolerate these symptoms well and they diminish over time due to a phenomenon called neuroadaptation

  • More light may be needed at night or in low light conditions for the best vision

Results: Most patients who choose the Synergy IOL do not need glasses for daily activities and are happy. Synergy delivers excellent near vision that may be better than other multifocals.


  • Synergy improved vision so that 9 out of 10 patients did not wear glasses

  • One extra line of near visual acuity was present compared other leading lenses

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