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Clareon intraocular lens

Available Lenses:

  • Clareon Monofocal

  • Clareon Panoptix

  • Clareon Panoptix Toric

  • Clareon Vivity

  • Clareon Vivity Toric

According to Alcon:

  • Clareon uses advanced BioMaterial and proprietary edge design

  • It is designed to reduce posterior capsule opacification (PCO) and edge glare

  • A change in the composition of the lens material (less hydrophobic) allows for a reduction in formation of glistenings

  • There is also a low level of surface light scatter due to SSNGs

Clareon reduced glare

Low incidence of glare:

  • Clareon glare percentages are close to zero

  • Most other lenses are at 5% or range from 5 to 10%

  • This may translate to improved night vision when dealing with oncoming cars

What Are Clareon Lenses?

Clareon is a new type of intraocular lens material designed by Alcon. It will replace the current Acrysof line of lenses. Benefits include low levels of surface haze and low risk of glistenings.

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