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Cataract Help

How to find the BEST DOCTOR for you

1. Do you connect with your doctor?

  • Does your doctor listen to your concerns?

  • Do they take the time to explain the surgery?

  • They should discuss some of the different lens options

  • They should let you know about the general health of your eye

  • Do they give you additional resources or staff that can explain things further if things are not clear?

2. What is their reputation?

  • Word of mouth referrals are powerful

  • Check with friends and colleagues to see if they are happy with their surgery

  • Check online reviews - no doctor is perfect, but the best doctors have mostly positive reviews

  • Sites include:

    • Healthgrades

    • Google

3. Do they have experience?

  • How long have they been practicing?

  • How many cataract surgeries do they perform per year?

  • Do they have experience implanting different types of intraocular lenses?

  • Are they up to date on current technology?

4. What about other eye problems?

  • Cornea and Glaucoma specialists perform cataract surgery

  • Consider a Cornea specialist if you have problems like Fuchs dystrophy, Salzmann's Nodules, or Pterygium

  • Consider a Glaucoma specialist if you have glaucoma

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